Featured in Delfi Gyvenimas

Jazmin Ivy Rodriguez is featured in Lithuanian Internet Magazine.


Translated from Lithuanian to English*
“Fashion Week in New York and Los Angeles – very busy time for all designers. And yet the approaching spring and annual fashion shows around the world, from London and France to Asia and America.

Model Ivy Jazmin Rodriguez made a huge impact on beauty and fashion style. Jazmin was one of the models, which demonstrated Vaivos spring collection of dresses. “The model had to work for the past four years. I was attracted to photography, fashion, makeup, hair beauty, walking the catwalk. All this is what makes a woman feel beautiful and special, “- said Jazmin. Woman in dark leather of Honduras was not easy to intrude into such a competitive industry. Jazmin said that many people do not know what it is or how to Honduras seems the settlers. She felt a properly present their country and its history. “Being a high, dark-skinned, exotic – an advantage. I believe, however, that some commercial work hard to get, is not easy to win good orders “, – she said. “Many people see an exotic Latin American woman, and automatically classifies as urban models. Makes the industry is not very popular in my homeland. Everyone knows that if you want to succeed as a model, has to travel to Europe or the United States. ”

How Vaiva Style, Jazmin Rodrigues dreams of one day becoming a fashion designer. She does not follow fashion trends, because they know what works for her body or skin type, from cosmetics to clothing. “At home occasionally his tall mirrors. I can just look at the thing, and I know it will suit me or not. ” Knowing that New York model by far the most difficult to break, Jazmin often travels to Los Angeles, Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Brazil, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Mexico and elsewhere. “Every time I learn something new to traveling and are looking forward to another trip direction.”

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